Max’s Autism Support Dog

by | Jun 12, 2015 | News | 1 comment

Some dear friends of mine have been coping with a pretty severe case of autism in their little boy, Max.

In a new effort to support him and hopefully ease some of his struggle, they’re looking into getting an autism support dog. By all accounts, this is a terrific investment for kids like Max, but the $25,000.00 price tag is an awful lot for any family to take on.

The cost includes purchase of the dog, food, vet bills, boarding during training and a trainer who will put in hundreds of hours for the dog and the new family, both initially and throughout the dog’s lifetime. There is funding page through Assistance and Service Dogs, BC to help cover it, if you can send a few bucks their way, that would be fantastic! You can read all about it and contribute here:

If you can’t but could help spread the word that would also be really helpful and appreciated. You can find/like them on facebook.


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