Escape Goat P.1

TCAF 2019

If you're coming to TCAF this weekend, I'm very pleased to announce I will be debuting the very first Knight & Dave print edition! Escape Goat will be available for advanced purchase at the show (table #230) and go live in the website stores (here and in the...

SPCS Book Launch

Hello again all! We coming up on the Sarnia Pop Culture show (April 15th) and I'm delighted to once again be a part of it! This year will be extra-special; I'm thrilled to announce the third Promises Promises collection, Starting Right After the Holidays will launch...

Appearances Update

I'm sad to say I won't be making it to TCAF this year after all. A very big bummer, but the coordinators were really great about it so with any luck I'll see you there next year.    

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