Kickstarting Karen

by | Sep 11, 2015 | News | 0 comments


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In keeping up with all things new and exciting, my friend Karen is launching her very first novel, Dead Weight! You may actually already be familiar with her work in online short stories, if not that, she’s probably the one who outclassed you with her super-rad hockeying, (“Hockeying”? Sure, that sounds like totally legit sports-talk). Either way, Dead Weight is a considerable departure from her lighter works… Like a good cup of coffee, a little dark, yet rich and smooth. Not to mention a darn fine read, which is not so much like a cup of coffee, but still goes well with one.

Bugh. I’m starting to think this post is not helping her case and now I’m craving coffee. So while I’m putting on a fresh pot, you go check out her Kickstarter campaign and treat yourself to a great new book, by a fab new author and score some sweet pre-order goodies in the process!



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