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If you’re coming to Fan Expo this year, you can find me at table P69*. I will be taking commissions and have prints, cards and the first two Promises Promises books but I’m sorry to say the new one will not be ready in time. Bummer, but I’m sure it’ll still be a great time.



Floor Plan – click to enlarge.


You may have already caught this announcement if you follow any of my social media streams but if not, I am very pleased to tell you Promises Promises is now a member of the GoComics stable! I’ve started posting comics from early in the archives there to give our new friends a chance to catch up and to see how Promises Promises does with the new audience. So far the response has been… well, promising. 🙂

If it continues to go well, I’ll get started on reviving the strip in 2016.

Which will likely mean reviving my gym membership too.

This could get painful.


*Yes, we’re aware of the euphemism thank-you, Beavis.

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