About Knight & Dave

Opposites don’t attract so much as follows each other around being contrary in the fairy-tale kingdom of Weetharyeht.

Join in the adventures of the gallant, if a little stuffy, Sir Iris and his reluctant sidekick, a goat* called Dave (who sometimes needs a little help to get by in a world that finds him delicious).

Whether they’re fleeing pirates, slaying dragons or bribing a kraken, at least they have each other… which is probably what got them into that mess in the first place.


Comic updates every Friday, blog updates intermittently. Additional comics, (Monday and Wednesdays), will be added as Patreon stretch goals.

About the Cartoonist:

According to her friends, “Jules barbecues hella good.”
Her first online comic, Promises Promises ran for six years and produced two volumes in print, Starting Tomorrow and Starting Monday.

*No goats were harmed in the making of these comics.